Dina Reis is an accomplished innovator and entrepreneur

Posted by Admin | April 12th, 2012

Dina Reis is an accomplished innovator and entrepreneur who has a background in social work. Her professional career started in the field of social work when she began attending the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. After graduating, she worked with the Consultants for Criminal Justice Alternative. This is a program that serves as an alternative to incarceration for criminals. In her capacity at that program.

After she left that program, Dina Reis started working with marketing businesses. Dina Reis began working at a firm called Marketing Concepts at some point. She rose to become a partner at this firm after just a year and served as head of the company’s sales and marketing division.

Dina Reis then became a partner in a popular New York-based restaurant chain known as Original Soup Man. Dina Reis opened over two-thousand stores for this chain during his first six months. She left the job eventually due to a contractual dispute, but she owns three percent of the company to this day.

Dina Reis is also a philanthropist and has been throughout her professional career. She has always believed that a sizable portion of her time and income should go towards charitable efforts.

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